Cornerstone Care Services

Adult Family Home

Cornerstone Care Services Adult Family Home specializes in serving those with severe Traumatic Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities.


Situated in a residential neighborhood, the home provides a spacious environment to live and thrive. By focusing on cognitive therapies, basic life skills and physical therapies our home provides our Residents opportunities to move forward in life with hope and dignity.

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Many of our Residents have seen significant improvement since coming to Cornerstone. With our focus on helping the brain reconnect or form new connections after the event causing the TBI, we are able to see people regain many of the skills that were deficits; even from many years prior.


Our goal and passion is to make life great no matter what state we find ourselves and then make it even better.The examples of Residents who did not walk upon entering our home and are now doing so, only shows what determination, hard work and patience can accomplish.

Many of our activities include weekly outings to integrate those with sever TBI into the community. From field trips, to coffee outings and trips to the library, we encourage all Residents to participate. Our staff is trained to help our Residents become more independent and make choices that will further the Resident in reaching their goals.

Through respectful, responsible and fun interactions, we have a home that empowers those that live here to truly live.