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Willow Grove

Assisted Living

Willow Grove Assisted Living takes pride in serving a wide range of residents from those who want to enjoy the comfort and independence of their home in a care facility to residents with Dementia, Alzheimers, Traumatic Brain Injury and High Medical needs.

At Willow Grove, you will find a wide range of services offered in a homestyle setting where privacy is respected and independence is supported. Services are planned with each resident to reflect personal needs and choices. We always provide ultimate professional care with dignity.


Our primary focus is to empower each Resident to engage in a great life, daily. We encourage real relationships that focus on dignity, respect, and success for all; striving for a true community of support. For those with Traumatic Brain Injuries, we have created a specially designed schedule & program complete with individual therapies, support plans, goals, and progress tracking for each client to help them as they rehabilitate and encourage independence. We work closely with doctors, therapists, and counselors to ensure that each client’s needs are being met in Body, Soul, & Mind. 

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Our facility is separated into 3 wings with a central dinning room and commons area. In our East Wing we focus on providing activities, social groups and therapies for our residents with exciting engagement. Our Center Wing features our Library, with a variety of books and magazines as well as music for the residents enjoyment; all done in the comfort of soft reclining chairs in front of a cozy fireplace. In the West Wing, you will not find the President (who knows?!) but you will find our residents relaxing and enjoying themselves with a variety of movies and socialization.


It is our goal to provide an environment filled with life, love & laughter, as we encourage each individual to live every day to it fullest. 

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